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I was over joyed at the end of last year when the opportunity presented itself to import a tiny amount of some of the worlds greatest whisky from Scotland. Samaroli whisky and indeed rums are some of the most sort after on the planet and old bottlings regularly reach eye watering prices at action. I am delighted to be the exclusive importer of these majestic products into Australia.

Wine. Selected. Delivered. Enjoyed.

Samaroli is the name on every true spirit connoisseur’s lips. This legendary Italian independent bottler is known for its rare, unique and aesthetically stunning whiskies and rums, many of which smash records at auction. Established as an importer in 1968 by Silvano Samaroli, they became one of the first bottlers to champion cask strength showing how far ahead of the game they are. Never afraid to innovate, Samaroli regularly buys casks and re-casks them into new oak to create something completely different to what you might get direct from the distillery. They go as far as to say: “Do not ask us for brand standards and for the same shopping options, it would be like asking a painter to paint always the same painting.” This approach, coupled with the exceptional quality and eye-catching pastel designs makes every bottle a one-of-a-kind release. Although Silvano sadly passed away in 2017, the mantle has been passed to Antonio Bleve, Francesco Saverio Benetti and their highly passionate team in Rome. Their incomparable artistry continues undeterred.