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Wine Theory and so much more

I’m Sebastian Crowther and as one of only a handful of Master Sommeliers in Australia, I’d like to take you on a world wide voyage of discovery.

You’ll learn what makes a great wine. You’ll experience the regions, the unique characteristics of the soil and climate. You’ll be privy to the insights and craft of the master winemaker. You’ll learn about the history of each and every wine we feature. Together we’ll experience a world of wine that you know is out there, but perhaps never knew how to enter.

Along the way I will personally curate my selections of wine that I think you’ll love sharing with family and friends and offer them to you through a fixed price subscription, delivered to your door for a low flat delivery charge no matter where you are in Australia. Learn more about each selection here.

Quite simply, I believe Wine Theory is the easiest way I can share my love and passion with you to make your wine experience easier, more rewarding and a lot more fun.

Let’s start now!

About Sebastian

The Adventurer

This collection will include some of the best value wines that I find from Australia and abroad. It will feature a variety of wines across all styles. These wines will aim to assist you to drink better and start to explore the world of wine.

• 6 different bottles delivered to your door
• Every month or every other month
• Tasting cards
• A Wine Theory account

$198 (freight not included)

The Master

This will feature a variety of wines across all styles, including rare and sometimes aged selections from all over the world. These will be wines for drinking but some will be recommended for cellaring. I want to introduce, remind, inspire you to drink widely and well. I want to help expand knowledge and delve into regions you might not have experienced.

• 6 different bottles delivered to your door
• Every Month or Every Other Month
• Tasting Cards
• A Wine Theory account

$420 (freight not included)

Both packs include 6 wines that are hand selected by Master Sommelier Sebastian Crowther. They are wines that bring Sebastian great pleasure and will start you on your Master Sommelier journey through the wonderful world of wine.

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